Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We need to talk....

I don't know if you have seen the post on pintrest (drink) about wearing mom jeans? The picture is a side by side of a girl wearing two different styles of jeans. One looks great (Ya if I was a size five with a little butt I would look amazing too) and the other looks good but not as amazing. Unlike some people who pin lots of crap on pintrest (drink) I actually read, craft, go back and use a lot of the crap I pin. Anyway, the pins link takes you to a blog about wearing jeans and rockin' styles that work and are NOT mom jeans. She even specifies what specific things to look for to make sure they are not mom jeans.
here is the link for what I am talking about.... Here is the thing. I get a lot of jeans from Old Navy and Levi. I started to think about my jeans and I have a feeling...


I MAY own a pair of mom jeans, I may also be in denial. And to get even more real up in here. I am wearing them today.... The pocket placement is at my butt, not on the curve, AND to get even more out of control the waist sits at my belly button! OMG- what have I done! Its not like they are acid wash or anything! Don't get that crazy. (However, I am also wearing neon yellow sweatbands at this moment. A gift from a co-worker. They match my yellow cardigan I am wearing today. HALAAA! Thanks Jaime!) But they suck in my gut so nicely. I don't have to worry about my baby moosh spilling over the top of my jeans while I sit at my desk. And speaking of sitting at a desk. How could anyone really know I am even wearing mom jeans, besides the fact I just told you. Oh crap. So what do I do? I work in a warehouse, and during shipping season I help out in the warehouse and there is no need to even care what you look like cus your lugging boxes all day. Do I get rid of them?? What do I do? Damn you pintrest (drink) for informing me of my flaws. I curse you but at the same time I guess it was sort of like an intervention and now I know. Pandora's box has been opened. The only way to solve this problem is to go shopping. Really I mean how else can this be resolved?! Then I guess I should say Thank you, thank you pintrest (drink, damn hope your not a light weight!) for opening my eyes and giving me a true excuse reason to go shopping.

Happy Wednesday all. Hope I have left you educated and let me know if you too need to join me in my jean shopping mission!

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  1. I think I am drunk! Lol!! I shop at American Eagle.... Please dont tell me I am too old. I will deny it!! Anyways, The link makes me want to check out some new stores for jeans so thanks!! Maybe when I get to my next size I can learn to by my age jeans without buying the dreaded Mom jeans!!