Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad, Bad Dream

I don't know about you, and I have been told that I'm crazy, ya ya stop laughing, I know I'm bat shit, anyway. I have REALLY vivid crazy dreams, do we need to recall the "I got hit by a bus" blog??? 

Last night I drempt I was having to twirl in a parade. (Andi I blame you and your pinning batons for this) When I pulled up my costume I have all this excess, loose, wrinkly, oddly very tan skin hanging from my legs from hip to knee. I was HORRIFIED that I had to march looking like this. And then I woke up.

Maybe this is a warning. A warning that if I don't tone up and loose some lbs that is my future. Also, use some sun screen for heavens sake! Geez! Tan legs are great, looking at them all wrinkly and jiggly, not so much.

On to another topic. I saw in my favorite blog today that she is doing a give away for these headbands. Apparently the don't slip. This chic lives in TX and is an avid runner and soft ball player. If she says they work. They have to work. bic bands. They look super cute. I am going to order one and see if they are worth it. I will keep you posted!!!

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