Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Start of week 4- an update

Holly hell its been hot lately. And you know what happens when its hot and you have fat legs? Chub rub.... ugh. Wha? TMI?? Seriously though that stuff hurts and reminds me to lay off the ice cream.

And in other news.... I have been drinking water like crazy! The people at my work may hate me because I use the bathroom so much. I am thinking of getting a pedometer to see how many steps I take a day just to the bathroom. Does the urge ever stop? Geez.

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I hired a trainer and my goal was to loose 20 pounds in ten weeks.  So far I am only down 3. Waa Waa Waaaaaaa. Lay off the sugar fatty..... Damn. I am putting in the workouts. Now its time to suck it up and DO WORK! I got this. I have started using my calorie counting app again and have been bringing stuff to work to eat. I will keep you posted for next weeks weigh in. I can tell that I am starting to tone up. That is awesome. I LOVE feeling strong, I just have to remember that feeling when I want sugar at night.

Is everyone ready for school to start??

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