Thursday, August 2, 2012

Over Share and 50 Shades Update

Lately I have been on a quest. One that I am still on. The perfect workout "shorts", not to be confused with bike shorts. I don't know about your legs, but I have what some like to call "soccer" legs. You know the ones. Mine are from years of dance. Thick, muscular (getting there slowly, but currently have a nice extra helping of "padding") and will never be mistaken for toothpicks. Ya those. I will easily admit that I am very particular about my workout wear. And it will depend on that days confidence level what I will wind up wearing. Currently I like knee length cotton shorts or capri length black spandex workout pants. The thicker the better, as to not see the dimples in my ass as I to kettle bells swings ect. and also to reduce the amount of jiggle. Tops- I LOVE to wear my ruffles with love (look her up on etsy) tank top that says sweat is fat crying.  Or I wear anything that will stay down, not show off the baby jiggle, is hopefully sleeveless, and is the right amount of loose meets tight. I told you I was picky...
Lately my legs have been telling me they need to be free. With the hot weather I want to wear shorts. I see all the strong confident women wearing running shorts. I want to too!! pick me, pick me! But here is where my problem lies. Did I mention I have thick legs? Ok, you got it. Now here is where I over share- My inner thighs have a tendency to eat my shorts and they bunch up in my crotch leaving me to embarrassingly tug them down every five seconds during my workout. There must be something out there for girls like me! Right?! I can't possibly be the only girl with this problem. So I will continue my search, unless one of my readers have already solved this problem?? Please do tell!

50 Shades update:

I stopped reading at page 63. She just got picked up at the bar. Here are my findings so far: SHE IS A FREAKING WHINER!! If I want to read a chick whining, I would read my own blog, geez. So needless to say, I have stopped reading it and lent it to a friend who "OMG I love it" bla bla bla. I have picked up a book I have been wanting to read for a while and "OMG, I love it." Bossypants by Tina Fey. She is just my kind of offensive and snide humor. I know we would totally be BFF's in real life. Tina, if your reading this call me!

Happy Thursday! Hope it doesn't suck.


  1. As for the shorts issue... I feel your pain... Yep No matter how long I've been out of Dance...I still have dancer legs...and I have extra padding x3 boys and years of doing NOTHING! I have found AHHHHMAZING!!!! Did I mention amazing running shorts at the New Balance outlet store at Nut Tree. They are longer than most running shorts and even with Mrs. Chunk-o thighs running over 5 miles in them They stay put... no riding, and are so comfortable. The ONLY problem I have is they only had 1 pair when I got them and I haven't gone back yet. Hey maybe we could go together... I <3 shopping lol

  2. have you tried the running skirts! I love them. Also I posted an answer in my comment section to your question about decor!!

  3. I didnt like 50 shades either (I am the only person I know that doesn't). I am not anywhere close to being Prude, but the book made me feel uncomfortable...wierd I know, whatev. Glad to know you don't like it either.