Thursday, August 9, 2012

When in doubt, bike it out...

Afternoon all! Today is suppose to be a HOT one!

Yesterday I hit up the gym for a little cardio. I decided to try something different. I started at a low setting on the ellitical (mine was 7) and every time the song changed I upped the resistance by one. And as an added bonus when a really good hook would come on a song I had to sprint. It was AMAZING yet horrible all at the same time. The was sweat and jiggling and rocking out. To onlookers I was a "people watching" dream I'm sure. At level 11 I wanted to cry. Didn't make much past that and hopped on the bike. Haven't done the bike in forever do to a knee issue but what the heck... right?! Knees are over rated. So then I did random resistance till I had to leave and get home. couple notes on riding the bike:

1. Use two towels, one on either elbow rest for maximum comfort and to ward off elbow slippage and sweat.
2. Pick a rocking station on Pandora and don't be affraid to rock out while riding  I like Pitbull (i'm so hard core right!?, WHAM!,  Tone Loc, Salt N Peppa
3. Be mindful of where your shirt and pants meet. No one wants to see you whale tale or muffin top! which brings me to number 4.
4. From experience- make the proper underwear selection prior to your workout if you're going to hit the bike that day. See number 3 and/or know there will be friction. We will just leave it at that.
5. Don't be a sissy la la and not challenge yourself. I hate seeing people riding the bike and look all "look at me, I'm riding the bike super fast and I'm so cool. I've been on this thing for 30 minutes now and I still have no sign of back sweat." Um , you are an IDIOT and a waste of gym space. Turn up the resistance, crank the tunes, and stop bouncing like a freak on the seat because you don't have enough resistance. Sweat should be oozing out of you. Yes, oozing, that is what workouts on a bike do, they cause you to ooze.
6. If you have some junk in the truck sitting on the bike seat will suck. I can only imagine what it looks like from the back but I'm sure its wide and it ain't pretty. You will probably have to adjust your position several times. I always seem to feel like I am going to fall off the seat forward. Maybe that's just me?
7. Use the foot straps. You don't have to be all fancy and get the clip shoes (unless your SO hard core), but do take the time to adjust the straps, it makes for a better workout and your foot won't slip off causing you to bang your cankle on the bike. (why is it asking my to spell check cankle, its a word!!)
8. See number 3
9. Drink water! Like I said there will be lots of oozing and if you listen you have extra towels to catch said ozzing and if you are challenging yourself there will be lots of it so you must HYDTRATE!
10. the next day you will feel violated. yes, that's what I said.

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