Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OMG I thought I saw my bicep!

Today I am feeling smaller. You know the kind were you are wearing the same jeans from earlier in the week so they are now stretched out and you have saggy butt but you tell yourself "no way, you are in it to win it and dropping some lbs'. Fake it till you make it people!!

This morning I did my bicep pose, don't act like you don't do a pose down ever so often, and I am pretty sure I am starting to see some guns poppin up. But summer I will be offering tickets.

*Tip of the day- find a buddy. Last night I called my fat girl sponsor to help me through my want for all things sugar. She talked me down and I am so lucky to have her doing this with me. She keeps me positive and in "the love bubble"
Thanks Soula!!! The best Greek friend a girl could have!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It feels so...

Vegetable-y in my mouth.... Yea, I said that while eating eddamomes, how the hell do you spell that any way. Edamames. I should just stop now.

So last night was a doosy, ya, I can't spell that either. Here is the list of items I have in my house:

Oreo's (100 year anniversary AND they have sprinkles, BONUS)
Ice cream (two kinds)
frozen M&M's
Apple Pie

This is also the same list of ALL the stuff I wanted to cram in my mouth between 7 and 10 pm. Instead I didn't! I ROCK! Let's see if I can be a No-sugar-ninja tonight....

Oh and I did level 3 of my workout video. I made the straight "sexy" face I have on my pintrest (drink). If you follow me you know of what I speak.

Peace out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

On a glitter bender

Soooo, lets talk about all the crap I ate this weekend... cookies, ice cream, and pie and wait for it.... wait for it.... PIZZA. I was like a fairy on a glitter bender.  (ya I just said that, and yes you too can use it. Feel free to throw it out at parties or the craft store, I think it would really work well in the glitter isle, but I digress."

UGH. I think the crap infiltrated my brain because instead of being all "I'm gunna kick ass this week and loose some serious lb's" I was like "I wonder if I can hit up Starbucks for a mocha and get a doughnut before anyone would notice."

Um, my ass would....

But I keep telling myself this feeling will pass, that I need to eat well on the weekend too, just as I do on the weekdays if I want this to really happen. AND I DO.

So in the mean time I am reading this awesome blog I found on Pintrest (take a drink) called Mama Laughlin and also directing all my fat thoughts to wasting time finding the perfect craft to pin for this weekend. What are you guys pinning on Pintrest ???(drink)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So if you have been following me (this bitch is back!) today was my first official weigh in. And the survey says... -3.6 pounds! My goal is to loose two pounds a week so hell yes!

"So what 's this about marbles you ask Andrea? Is this all part of your ADD?" NO! My GF found this thing on Pintrest (Hello, my name is Andrea and I am addicted to pintrest) where you simpley use two containers and some marbles to motivate weight loss. One is filled with marbles, each marble representing a pound you would like to loose. As you loose you move the marbles from one container to the other. (It creates a nice desk decoration as well, double bonus) So like I said.... just movin some marbles!!

Side note: I have started a small workout routine I do daily and have laid off the desserts, been drinking tuns of water (pee every 20 minutes, so I'm pretty sure I walk about a mile a day just back and forth from the bathroom, that is what they are really talking about when they say drink tuns of water for weight loss)

Give me a shout out if your going to start movin' some marbles. I will report mine every Thursday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just liven the Dream....


Got some crappy news (let's call it what it is kids) and REALLY wanted to drown myself in New York Super Fudge Chunk and instead.... I got my new bathing suit and took "before" pictures, just to take the sucky-ness (yes its a word) up a notch.

I went to bed.....

Go me!?

My first weigh in is tomorrow. Anyone else out there fighting the fat?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ya sooooo...

Just writting to say I am in a motivatonal funk. Its like I see the scale, I do my workouts, I eat well.... and then the ice cream calls.....



I can... right?

Let me know how you get through your funks and work through your cravings. Who's with me??