Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stepin' out with my baby

YAY! It's Tuesday!!! Not feeling it? Ya, me either. But today is better then yesterday. I did manage to drag my sorry butt to the gym yesterday. My head wasn't in it, and I knew if I did a workout on my own it would be sucky, so I checked the schedule and took the one class they were offering at that time. Step.

Yep, I took a old fashioned, lets blow out your knees, holly crap how do they have so many risers on their step?, step class. Haven't taken one in years. It was actually a good challenge for my brain and a nice break from the usual.

Today I am going to try another new class they just started offering at my gym. Boot camp. Now I love me some boot camp style classes and have taken several before from other places so I am anxious to see how this one stacks up against the rest. The teacher is my trainer so I know I will get my ass handed to me. As a bonus it should be nice and hot so throwing up may be an option.  I have already started to chug water like a college kid at a frat party so I hope it all works out well. I will let you know tomorrow how it went.

Side note: If you read my blog please become a follower if you can or please feel free to comment when I post it on facebook. Its great motivation and keeps me accountable when I know people are checkin' in on my insanity.

Have a great day! WHEN IN DOUBT, SQUAT IT OUT!

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