Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am a sheep...

This was my daily morning text to my Ya Ya today- " First Zumba, now 50 Shades of Grey, I am a sheep."

Apparently I have become a follower in all things "everyone else is doing it..." Usually I NEVER follow the rules, seriously ask my teachers in school. I have always been the " she has trouble with authority" kind of people. But can I really be THAT bad? I knit for heaven sakes, and I like to bake. Helloooooo, ya, I'm a wild one, hold me back. But when it comes to books especially, I go the other direction- Twilight, um NO, I am too hard core for vampires, sorry, and all the other "OMG did you read bla bla bla. NO, no, I did not, because I am not a sheep. But apparently I just became one. SO, here is the deal. I will read and give you updates on how corny and LAME this book is. Well, and least that is how I assume it will be since "all the girls are doin' it."

50 shades so far- First Impressions....

COVER- 50 shades of Grey. Shiny neck tie. NOT impressed. You can't trust a man in a shiny tie. He is the same guy with lots of product in his hair. AKA douche bag.
PAPER- (yes, paper) The paper is super thin. I heard this book was first published by the author because no one would produce it. Apparently you sell a billion copies and I am still flipping tissue thin pages. I'm not amused.

Tonight I am taking kickboxing with an instructor I haven't taken from yet. This better be good lady. So far my morning has been all kinds of crazy with my 3 year old and now I am reading a book that I could also mistaken the pages of as kleenex and may or may not be about a douche bag. BRING IT

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