Friday, July 27, 2012

Judgment Day....

Let me begin with this quote from an email I wrote to my Ya Ya. She asked that I put it in my next blog
"Its not like I'm gunna stock the chick and want to wear her skin (and even if I did she has 2% body fat and I couldn't even wear her as a skirt...)"

Let's let that sink in...

So Good Morning! 

The beginning of July I got on the scale and almost cried. I then went straight to the pantry and ate. Because that's how I do it.

Great day- ice cream
Crappy day- ice cream
Stressed- chips and ice cream
Saturday- ice cream

You get the idea. Anyway I decided to reverse the hold on my gym membership and get back in there. You know how sometimes you look in the mirror and think "oh, its not that bad, the scale says one thing but I can still get in my jeans." Honey, spandex doesn't lie. So I let my fat flag fly and have been changing some of my eating habits and decided to bite the bullet. I WILL WEAR THAT OUTFIT THIS FALL I PINNED ON PINTREST WITH THE GIRL IN SKINNY JEANS DAMN IT! I signed on for ten weeks with a trainer. Week one has been awesome. My mood really responds to the gym. And I just want to say sorry now to all the people I look like I want to kill at the gym, its not you its me. I should also (kinda') apologize to those who find my I <3 my Cankles shirt offensive, because that's you, not me, and it should make you smile. Unless you don't know what cankles are, in which case you should google it because you may suffer from them and then you can join my club. (I am not only a member, I'm also the President) But today is the day of reckoning. I am getting my body fat measured today. I have not weight myself since that horrible day a few weeks ago when the scale said mean, mean things to me and made me eat that ice cream. (yes, my scale talks, doesn't yours?) I have no idea what I should expect and don't know if I even want to know what my % is because I am afraid it will make me feel horrible and drive me to eat and bla bla bla.... 

So stay tuned. Appointment is this evening. I will let you know how it goes.... Happy lets-find-out-how-much-fat-I-have-on-my-ass Friday!

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