Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 day Challenge

So.... I am going to blog for 7 days. See if it helps,,, with what... no clue, but it sounded right.

So I was reading my favorite blog the other day and something stuck with me that she said, I'm going to have to do it "one meal at a time". And so that is how it is for me right now. I have a game plan and then in one meal I throw it our the window.

Sucks too because I just "chucked it WAY out the window" and now I feel sick... UGH! Drinking lots of water and thinking of maybe going for a run tonight.

So my Birthday is coming up. I am doing the girly spa thing in the morning and probably the new MIKE movie after that. Can you get in trouble for throwing dollar bills at a screen? I'm sure the people who are picking up the theater after would appreciate it. It would be like their tip! Then.... wait for it..... wait for it. I am going to Bingo! Yes, B-9, old grumpy people everywhere, troll dolls out for good luck, I think I will get a fancy dobber for a birthday surprise BINGO. Its fun to people watch and hello, look at all the people who showed up for my party! So I'm lookin' forward to that.

I just realized I started all my paragraphs with an S. or the word so. I wonder what that says about me? and my lack of originality, intellect and the fact that I have total ADD and now I'm writting about it.....

SO ya, see you tomorrow!

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