Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That just happened....

And by that I mean nothing... that I want to talk about....

Long weekend. Sure it was for everyone out there. Hope all the Mama's out there had a good Mothers Day.

I will say this. Eating clean and then deciding not to for a meal. YAY, ya sounds so exciting and a little bit naughty. Well guess what, you feel like crap! Waa waa waa. I even had the opportunity to eat ice cream, and if you know my relationship with ice cream, its a good one. AND I PUT IT AWAY. Victory, small, but one all in the same.

I am hoping- if things go right, that tonight I will do some weight training. It will be my first weight lifting day since I changed my diet. Tune in tomorrow. If this goes down it will be a good one filled with swearing and comments about ass fat and such.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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