Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheerio Good Chap

So ya, I'm starting another paragraph with the letter S (drink) and guess what else? Nope, I'm drinking Green Tea with blueberry. Mmmmmm. I feel so regal and like I need a crumpet and like my teeth are moving and getting all english. Wait, what is in this tea....?

Got on the scale this morning, What's up fat ass? How you doin? Does my ass make my ass look big, said my ass this morning. YES, yes it does. Oh boy, hence the tea. And the following has been cunsumed today:

Bfast: scrambled egg, coffee, 100 calorie nut pack.
Lunch: Homemade veggie beef soup, yummyness of love
Snack: strawberries and more nuts, a whole 100 calories of them

Now tea. I am off to a good start. Now if I can do this for another couple months I should drop the 30, now 32 pounds after I got on the freaking scale this morning, I have to loose... SO AWESOME! GO ME!

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