Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Dos

Bet you didn't know I was bilingual, didja'! This summer I challenged some of my co-workers to get me to learn Spanish this summer. Now here is the "let's learn something new about Andrea moment" (Ya, pretty much every moment with me is, I know) But I have actually taken Spanish 3 times. We are not talking  Spanish I, II, III, We are talkin' I x's 3. Ya, I don't have a very good memory.... The other day they thought it would be awesome to have me tell them all the Spanish words I know. So I did, as a song, yes I am that cool, and weird.

Last night I had a dream I was hit by a bus. UM YA! A. BUS.... WTH???? Like, hey. I'm crossing the street, It hits the person to my right I look up and actually have enough time to brace myself for impact. Then it hits me, goes over me. I can feel my body broken, stand up and then fall back down. 


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