Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movin' Marbles Thursday's

YAY! I got to move a marble today.... BACKWARDS! SHIT! So ya, guess who showed up to the party this morning when I got on the scale? ALL the SHIT I ate last weekend. And since I have a PHD in talking crap about myself in my head, so it began.

But lets go backwards first:
Yesterday I went to the doctor for my jacked up knee. I have a knee, its jacked up, apparently since 2004. WHAAAA? Since 1 YEAR.AGO. when I had my Xray and they found nothing and I was told to sit on my ass and ice it and rest it.... take advil. Ya, like I'm gunna do that. I have been working out off and on dealing with the pain and it waking me at night. So as I ramble what I am really trying to say is, what is the first thing they did when I walked the doctors office. They weighed me. Crying in front of the murse was NOT an option. I spent the rest of the appointment freaking out about the scale. Usually I would binge on ice cream and give up. But I knew I had weigh in this morning.

Ok, now we are back in present time. I am upset I gained a pound. I was really not wanting to write this and part of me thinks "hey, no one is reading it anyway so why even bother letting people know." But alas, here I am writting. For some reason, and I haven't figured out why its different this time yet, I am not going to eat ice cream. I am just going to keep going. I realize that if I really want to reach my goal there will be day's like this. Mama said so right? Well, not mine, but that lady from the song did. So I am going to keep going and NOT eat ice cream tonight to punish myself for gaining a pound. But I do have to work extra hard now to try and stay on track if I want to hit my 2 pounds down a week goal.

ADD Facts of the day:
A whole school full of kids in their PJ's are so adorable
People who smoke in the rain smell. really. bad.
I still want to eat the ice cream.

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