Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OMG I thought I saw my bicep!

Today I am feeling smaller. You know the kind were you are wearing the same jeans from earlier in the week so they are now stretched out and you have saggy butt but you tell yourself "no way, you are in it to win it and dropping some lbs'. Fake it till you make it people!!

This morning I did my bicep pose, don't act like you don't do a pose down ever so often, and I am pretty sure I am starting to see some guns poppin up. But summer I will be offering tickets.

*Tip of the day- find a buddy. Last night I called my fat girl sponsor to help me through my want for all things sugar. She talked me down and I am so lucky to have her doing this with me. She keeps me positive and in "the love bubble"
Thanks Soula!!! The best Greek friend a girl could have!

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