Monday, February 27, 2012

On a glitter bender

Soooo, lets talk about all the crap I ate this weekend... cookies, ice cream, and pie and wait for it.... wait for it.... PIZZA. I was like a fairy on a glitter bender.  (ya I just said that, and yes you too can use it. Feel free to throw it out at parties or the craft store, I think it would really work well in the glitter isle, but I digress."

UGH. I think the crap infiltrated my brain because instead of being all "I'm gunna kick ass this week and loose some serious lb's" I was like "I wonder if I can hit up Starbucks for a mocha and get a doughnut before anyone would notice."

Um, my ass would....

But I keep telling myself this feeling will pass, that I need to eat well on the weekend too, just as I do on the weekdays if I want this to really happen. AND I DO.

So in the mean time I am reading this awesome blog I found on Pintrest (take a drink) called Mama Laughlin and also directing all my fat thoughts to wasting time finding the perfect craft to pin for this weekend. What are you guys pinning on Pintrest ???(drink)

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