Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It feels so...

Vegetable-y in my mouth.... Yea, I said that while eating eddamomes, how the hell do you spell that any way. Edamames. I should just stop now.

So last night was a doosy, ya, I can't spell that either. Here is the list of items I have in my house:

Oreo's (100 year anniversary AND they have sprinkles, BONUS)
Ice cream (two kinds)
frozen M&M's
Apple Pie

This is also the same list of ALL the stuff I wanted to cram in my mouth between 7 and 10 pm. Instead I didn't! I ROCK! Let's see if I can be a No-sugar-ninja tonight....

Oh and I did level 3 of my workout video. I made the straight "sexy" face I have on my pintrest (drink). If you follow me you know of what I speak.

Peace out.

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