Thursday, February 23, 2012


So if you have been following me (this bitch is back!) today was my first official weigh in. And the survey says... -3.6 pounds! My goal is to loose two pounds a week so hell yes!

"So what 's this about marbles you ask Andrea? Is this all part of your ADD?" NO! My GF found this thing on Pintrest (Hello, my name is Andrea and I am addicted to pintrest) where you simpley use two containers and some marbles to motivate weight loss. One is filled with marbles, each marble representing a pound you would like to loose. As you loose you move the marbles from one container to the other. (It creates a nice desk decoration as well, double bonus) So like I said.... just movin some marbles!!

Side note: I have started a small workout routine I do daily and have laid off the desserts, been drinking tuns of water (pee every 20 minutes, so I'm pretty sure I walk about a mile a day just back and forth from the bathroom, that is what they are really talking about when they say drink tuns of water for weight loss)

Give me a shout out if your going to start movin' some marbles. I will report mine every Thursday!

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