Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stole This Title...


OK, seriously it is.... Long ADD story short. I have a pool, pool= people come to your house and want to mooch your pool, because, let's be honest, you have a pool, duh! Because I have a pool, I have to be in shorts or, god forbid a bathing suit, in front of people, who are mooching my pool... Then I tried on shorts the other day... It got even uglier..... SO I bought "goal" shorts. Um, hell no I will NOT go up a size, I have a pool and I need to at least feel ok in shorts.

Mean while in a land far far away, where my Ya Ya lives (Seriously, move here already) we have decided we are gonna chase our dreams full of glitter, rainbows, and skinny clothes and put on our big girl pants and get serious again. (She's always serious, don't let her fool you. She will kick your ass). 

Yesterday I got my workout schedule from a trainer friend, WHOO HOO THANK YOU. I love me some hard core training and shit. I am one of those weirdos that likes boot camp style classes and the possibility there may be puke involved. However, today I got my food plan. Let's just say, um, I need to go buy a food scale. OH SHIT! ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL UP IN HERE!
This next week I am going to count on you, my readers and friend,s to keep me motivated and accountable to keep going strong and make this healthy change for good. Cus you know, I have a pool....

*** GIANT thank you goes out to the person, who I will not name (he's that cool), for taking the time out of your insane schedule to write my food plan and workout schedule. Not to mention believing in me enough that you made that effort.

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  1. Wish someone would do they for me!!! Lucky!!! I dread this season... Flabby... Pasty white legs.+ shorts= me feeling horrid about myself.