Thursday, May 10, 2012

DAY 2 People

Day 2.

Thoughts this morning while in the shower (Don't get crazy people)

OK I can do this!
Why am I doing this, do I really want this?
I must fit in those shorts I got!
No seriously, no more ice cream.
What am I going to eat today?
Day two, it may be uncomfortable at first, but it will be ok.  YOU GOT THIS!

I have never been a huge, "I prepped all me meals in little portion sized bags and Tupperware, let's take a picture and show everyone on FB how f-ing amazing I am and how lame they are" kind of people. (sorry if I might offend those of you who have done this) but I got shit to do.... Secretly though,  I envy those people. I want to put myself first and be so organized I can do this weekly. So I have started making just a couple days food prep in advance. I know its one of the key components (yes I know big words, and yes I had to spell check it) to making this thing work.

A friend sent me a picture of amazing looking platters of food the other day (no baggies so the hatred wasn't there). It was tuns of food arranged and laid out like Food Network status.  I thought, hmmmm, 1. I need to learn to BBQ, and 2. I need to do that next week. So as a gift to myself this Mothers Day I am going to prep a WHOLE WEEKS worth of food this Sunday. Then pretend the cleaning fairy will come and clean up after me..... ahh to dream.

What are you doing this Mothers Day? Hope its something fun and amazing!

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