Thursday, September 20, 2012

Holla at a Playa!

This was this mornings text... not the creepy guy part, the workout part... the 9/20 text...
I guess I need to catch you guys up.

After my blog melt down the other day I sort of stepped back. I want to give EVERYONE a HUGE thanks for your comments and messages about that days blog. It made me feel more human and let me know we are all struggling in our own ways. 
Now back to the above.

I received a text the other day from my Ya Ya that stated, in the most saddening and, hmmm whats the word, possibly un enthusiastic text (at least that is how I read it ) that she would soon be starting INSANITY (please say this word quickly and like a car salesman. Cus that's how I say it,  possibly throw in some jazz hands for no other reason but because for some reason it seems fitting.) Long story why she is doing it, but I will say this. My Ya Ya is hard-core-kick-ass-squat till your butt hits the floor-no-joke work out-er chick. She and I don't play games when it comes to our workouts. Yet another reason why she is my Ya Ya. I immediately told her to send me a copy and we can be pathetic together. Maybe I should also mention that we agree on being too cool for some things. See list below:

1. Twilight
2. Owls
3. 50 Shades of Lame
4. Things like INSANITY. (yes, it has to be in all capitals)

So doing this video thing seems pretty lame. And speaking of lame. I let her know that instead of sending me a copy I can instead be uber lame and do my husbands P90X video's! OMG let's be pathetic together! Even though I think INSANITY is way cooler then P90X, cus all we get is the x hands cross thing and it is apparently for the people who are not cool enough to do INSANITY. So now I have been doing that for a couple days. Getting up at 5am, UGH! And the above is a text admitting how super lame I am. I was surprised to feel sore. For heavens sake, this morning I did things called Superman Banana and wacky jacks!? How can you take this seriously? But like Ya Ya said.... humbling

Happy Thursday! Holla at a Playa!

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