Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sometimes you just need to laugh.... and give up. This morning I woke up and did my stupid 30 minute workout video. Because OMG its so freaking awesome. I roll over and birds chirp and my thighs aline with the moons axis and jump out of bed ready to lunge and squat with joy and adulation.

Oh geez for f- sake. Who am I kidding. I'm about to eat a burrito for lunch and wish they delivered. But really. I did get up at 5:15 and lunge and squat. Did you know when you have busted ass thighs with lots of jiggly bits and try to do jumping jacks they make a slapping sound? No, well in case I just ruined your life, sorry for the over share, but I just keep it real.

Got to work and found a blog that made me laugh really really laugh. I needed that. Thanks blog lady who will never know I am thanking her cus I don't know really how to link a blog and thank you properly.

This weekend my husband and FBI agent (aka my 6 yo son, if you ever run into him, don't let him interrogate you or have anything in your possession he may want) are going to Chico. NO he is too young to party. They are going to Psycholand?! At least that is what FBI calls it. Our neighbor is racing (he is 6 too) and FBI gets to try and ride a 50 for the first time. So here is my worry. My husband is the "suck it up, I'll kick you in the head, Shrek type". My 6 yo is calculative, over thinks, OCD, possibly might geek out type. I don't know how this is going to play out. Sad I won't get to see his first ride ever. But glad I won't have to deal with my husbands frustration after FBI freaks out, falls over and possibly may not get back on the bike problem.

Anyway, I hope to go to BINGO this weekend. Ya, that's what I said.....

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