Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sexy and I know it...

This morning I heard this funny song from LMAFO (my go to Pandora for workouts, be warned explicit lyrics) this morning in the car and was wiggling around trying to get my son to smile and then it said "wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle." Too late... I already was:) The other lyrics to the song are "I workout". Well sign me up, I just found my totally inappropriate anthem people! Seems fitting.
Update about the fire:
So ya, I'm still in fuego. So far after my little melt down last week I have tried to stick with eating right and staying positive, working out when I can etc. and guess what... I'm down five pounds. TA DA. No ice cream equals a smaller ass. Ok and a lot of other white stuff too and hard work but ya, 5 LB's baby.

On another note I had a dream the other night I dream I ate a bunch of dark chocolate truffles and chocolate cookie dough then panicked and told my mom we had to run out and by me a new dress for the wedding... UGH. Kinda funny though

Anyway, today is boot camp and I know I will be rocking out to my knew song! Love me some bootcamp. Today is suppose to be her biggest calorie burning workout. Lets see what I can burn today.

P.S. here are some tips I have learned this past week.

1. If you want something sweet, flavored coffees can help. I like Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint. And as a double bonus  it helps you keep your house clean:) (coffee is like crack)
2. Water, lots and lots of water, my skin is also starting to look better
3. I have taken back up crafting. You can't craft while you eat. Find a hobby to keep your mind off of mindless eating

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  1. Yes I spelled wiggle wrong, eh, I have done worse....