Friday, September 23, 2011

Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light....

So yesterday I think I had my first "breakthrough" in my journey to get in that blush pink dress (drink).

I opened my email yesterday morning to find a "nasty gram" (as I took its tone to read) that told me NO! NO you can't eat this or that or guess what... any of that either. So what was the first thing I did... I went out and bought doughnuts for my crew an I at work. Followed that up with a "NO" lunch and a bigger then life "NO" dinner and dessert. 

And guess what my pants said to me this morning: "Oh NO you don't think your ass is going to fit in these pants, do you"?!

So here is the lesson I learned kids: My whole life when you tell me NO, I do the exact opposite. I run as far from NO as I can and do the exact thing you tell me not to do times ten. And here is the twist- wait for it... wait for it....

If I tell myself I can't do something, then I can't, period, end of story. I admit failure and just accept it. Failure is easy, success is the hard part. It's ugly, and a LOT of work.

So today as I ate my protein breakfast and think about that email I know that it was only sent with the best of intentions so I can succeed. 

I am going to take a little of that fire I have for NO and use it to light a fire under failures ass!!

Cus for me its isn't over....

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  1. keep it up!! I need to jump on that bandwagon...the put the donut down bandwagon! :)