Saturday, October 8, 2011

STOP Rewarding Yourself with Food!


So the other day I am on Pintrest (Hello my name is Andrea and I am a Pintrest addict) and I see this. SMACK! Right in the carb loading kisser! Yes you may think its harsh, but lets face it, so am I and I needed that...

The Lowdown:
The bootcamp Natzi... ahemmm... instructor has taken a week off and the gym was closed down for contruction AND thriple threat.... it was raining! Who could work out in those conditions? PLUS work has hit the fan and busy season is in full swing. Which also means, lets quickly stuff whatever food sounds yummy after starving yourself and wash it down with as much caffiene as your body can consume.

*Side note: I saw a post where someone (A is for awesome) ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate, it reminds me to add three shots and call it amazing sometime this weekend....

Ok so as I continue. The only bonus to this caffiene-carb loaded high is the amazing bout of musical tourettes it has brought on. The down side is muffin top, falling asleep before my kids even go to bed, and the fact that I have weigh in this Tuesday and the Nazi could possibly make me feel like a horrible person... UGH. Ok, not really, but I hate to disappoint people.

Anyway, I wanted to check in, say WUD UP double high five, and see if anyone else was having a hard week? I plan on doing some serious sewing this weekend instead of baking (my first true love) to reward myself with cute aprons and placemats, instead of and extra pound or two... bark, bark:)

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