Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Testing... Testing....

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Yes, I am alive. No, I still don't know what the hell is going on in my life. But who really does?

I have been telling myself to blog lately. I also have been telling myself not to eat ice cream. But that's not happening either.

So here is what IS going on and a catch up. I'm going to throw this at you ADD style, just like all the crap I have running through my head all day long:

1. Running, training for my first half. Must run. Thighs are smaller when you run. Compression pants cut off blood supply to your vagina. You will live through it. JUST. KEEP. RUNNING.
2. My youngest son, The Outlaw (nickname, don't get crazy) started kindergarten. I love you kid but seriously, get it together. Yesterday's "check in" email informed me he poked a girl in the eye. "But I was tickling her" IN THE EYE???
3. We got a dog. Um hmmm, where do I start? How bout the fun part where I am allergic? Yay, that's a good start. So ya, we got a dog. It's a chocolate lab for all those "OH MY GOD! How cute, what kind did you get????" people out there. I have never really had a dog. And if you know me I shouldn't need to say much, but he is growing on me.
4.Crazy season at work is about to start. Nothing new about that. Just means I lose a tun of sleep worrying about crap I shouldn't.
5.My musical turets is oddly calm right now. Minus the Shania Twain Pandora station yesterday. Lot's of crazy yelling of country music. I think it's the combo of running and a dog. No time for musical turrets. So sad.
6.My hair is blonde again. I died it dark brown for a while. It was kinda cool in a let's-be-dark-and-mysterious kinda way. But I think it was more like a emphasize-my-major-dark-circles-around-my eyes kinda way.
7.I really plan to go pinterest batshit crazy Halloween style this year. I'll let you know how that goes.
8.I signed up for Bellydancing. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, my junk will jiggle. I have always wanted to try it. I'm not getting any younger....
9. I can't wait for fall. I was always a "summer" girl. But I think once you gain weight and have chub rub, Fall is your new favorite time of year. That and I can bake, and knit, and sew, and wear big clothes to hide the fact I keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds....
10.I blogged today. What random thing did you do?

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